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We met while going to BYU in 2002, and got married in August 2004. Yuan grew up in Zhengzhou China. Justin grew up (mostly) in Danville California.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Ok, I've been dying to do this post:  These 3 pictures are the three kids when they were born; Kai, Senya, and now Ailin, can you tell them apart?!

Ailin Zhao Mitchell (赵艾琳)

So we're home from the hospital and settling back to normalcy (as much as possible at least) and so its time for a better post :)  (that first post was done from my cell phone!)

So our new little girl is doing fantastically well.  She's eating decently, and sleeps like a champ, though of course not at night.  Her name is officially Ailin Zhao Mitchell.  That's pronounced like Eileen, but spelled with the Mandarin romanization to continue our tradition of one name for both languages.  Kai and Senya are taking right to her, which is major bonus.  Yuan is recovering from the c-section like it was nothing (and I was watching, it was NOT nothing, I'm always proud I didn't pass out).  We're now just very excited to watch how she grows!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Moving to a Zone defense...

Baby has arrived, momma is recovering well.  Quick stats:
Girl (name tbd)
9lbs 5oz

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Mexico with friends...amazingly relaxing and fantastic. Now friends have gone home and we're exploring on our own. It's still fun, but we miss everyone.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Year!

Every excuse I can come up with for not updating the blog just doesn't hold up for the entire year its been since I posted.  I'll just say "my bad."  Its been a fantastic year, and we're excited for the next one.  The kids have gotten cuter, older, and bigger; Yuan has just gotten cuter, and I have...well gotten older (I turned 30 this year!!!).  The big event of the year was going to China.  The collective Mitchell fam was in China for 2 months, of which I was there for the first 3.5 weeks (So what did I do for a month on my own!? thats the next post).  It was a great trip where the kids got some solid Laoye and Laolao time (Grandpa and Grandma for those of you that don't watch Kailan).  They came back with their Chinese much improved, as you can imagine.

I LOVE this picture of Great Grandma and I chatting, that look on her face! She speaks Henanese, and I speak Mandarin, but we still manage to joke around well enough :)


For the tourist part of our Trip we went to the tropical island of Hainan (think Hawaii for China)
"Kai and I" building a sand castle; Kai don't touch anything!

It was awesome, right as I snapped a wave up to their knees came up :)

A warm tropical rainstorm (from our balcony at the hotel)

 We visited a tropical rainforest, amusement park style

Kai: "Momma, everyone knows your'e cute, quit showing off"

A freshwater crab!

Senya fell asleep on me, so I got good cuddles for the hour+ hike

 And just for good measure, a few more cute pics I wanted to post :)

Senya picked out this outfit: punk meets princess, oh heaven we're in trouble